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Strip Clubs and Tax Collectors: When Dollar Bills Can Get You Arrested?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

bail for dollarsMost people get thrown in jail for doing something wrong.  Today’s bail bond blog post is about a man who got thrown in jail for doing something that he was supposed to do…pay his taxes.  So you are probably asking yourself…what does this have to do with a strip club.  Well at a strip club, dollar bills are welcome (at least that is what I have heard) and at the tax office, dollar bills are frowned upon.

This past week in Wichita, Kansas a man was down at the Wichita County Courtroom Annex when he was asked to leave because he was disrupting the tax office.  What was he doing you ask?  Great question.  He was paying his property tax bill of $800.  Now most people would consider this a good thing.  The man was stepping up and taking care of his business.  Now here comes the problem.  While most people would pay their taxes with a check or money order, this man was paying his taxes in $1 bills.  For some reason the clerks at the tax office didn’t like that the man was paying in this way and decided it was taking too long.  They asked him to leave the office and when he decided not to go and keep counting out singles, they had him arrested.

So next time you are getting ready to pay your taxes, don't roll up your wheelbarrow full of coins but rather just bring your checkbook and you might stay out of jail.

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Posted by: Eric Granof

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