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The Shame Game: Wear the Sign or Do the Time

Thursday, October 9, 2014

the shame gameSome call it a modern day scarlet letter and others call it an effective way to deter crime.  Either way, today’s bail bond blog is about one judge in Arkansas who is definitely thinking outside the box.

Judge Dan Stidham is taking the law and putting it into the hands of his defendants.  If you are brought before this judge for shoplifting, instead of him handing down a sentence, he is giving the defendant a choice of punishment.  Now hold on before you get too excited about this because the choices aren’t so great.  The first choice you have is that you can sit in jail for 3 days…The second choice?  You can stand in front of the courthouse for 3 hours with a sign that reads, I am a convicted shoplifter.  The judge is hoping this new shame and blame technique will incent and deter criminals from shoplifting in the future.   I guess we will all have to watch and wait to see if the judge is correct.  Watch the video and/or read the original story below.

Original article: Judge gives shoplifters an option: do the time or wear the sign

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Posted by: Eric Granof

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