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Something for Nothing…How to Almost Get Your Hands on $94 Million

Thursday, October 2, 2014

94 millionTo say the IRS is having a hard time with its public image lately would be a major understatement.  With all the finger pointing and scandal talk, it is hard to know whether this large government entity is truly evil and incompetent or just the victim of a political witch hunt.  Either way, this next bail bond blog post, shows that even the crippled squirrel sometimes finds a nut.  What we are really trying to say is it looks like the IRS finally got their man…or at least their woman in this case. 

This past week in Georgia, a woman came up with a not so brilliant scheme.  She was going to slip a fast one by the IRS.  The plan was simple.  She would submit her tax form and say that she made $99 Million (yeah…we said $99 Million).  She would then claim that she was due a refund of $94,323,148.00.  It was brilliant.  The IRS would never figure it out…or would they?  It appears that the IRS was on top of their game on this one.  When they discovered that the woman was making a fraudulent claim, they decided to jump into action and take her down.  According to the article, it looks like they also tried to have a little fun with her as well.  The IRS went ahead and issued the woman the $94 Million and change refund check and told her to deposit it at a Cobb County Bank inside a local supermarket.  Now hold on a second here…deposit a $94 Million dollar check at a bank inside a supermarket?  BTW…Am I the only one here that sees something wrong with that?  Anyway, thank goodness that the woman didn’t see things as clearly as the rest of us, because she took the check to the bank and was immediately arrested by federal officers.

I think we can all sleep better now knowing that the IRS is on the case and keeping us safe from such an evil criminal genius.  BTW, one of her relatives tried the same scam and surprisingly was caught as well and is facing the same charges.  Read the original story below and watch the news story.

Original story: Georgia Woman Tried To Cash A $94 Million Tax Refund Check; Nabbed In IRS Sting Operation


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