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The Dreaded "Pocket Dial" Takes Another Victim

Thursday, January 31, 2013

pocket dialHave you ever pock dialed someone?  Even worse, have you ever pocket dialed someone while saying something bad about them?  It is pretty embarrassing.  Cell phones have given us the ability to do some amazing things.  From texting to photo taking to surfing the internet, we have access to information and communications whenever and wherever we want.  But with every positive that these amazing technologies bring, they also bring about some challenges. 

For example, earlier this week in Daytona, Florida, a man was in his car chatting with his friend.  They were talking about buying and selling drugs.  You are probably wondering how in the world we knew what this man was talking about…and that is a good question.  Because when the police showed up at his house, he was thinking the same thing.  Apparently the man had pocket dialed 911 while he was having his conversation.  Really, he sat on his phone and miraculously dialed 9-1-1.  All the dispatcher had to do was listen to the conversation and then track the call to the cell phone.  The dispatcher also could tell form the conversation that the man was driving a tow truck.

When the police arrived at the man’s home, they found some drug paraphernalia on the man and he was arrested.  We aren’t sure if a bail bond has been set, but we do know that this man will probably try and figure out the phone lock function on his phone so he can talk about illegal things in the privacy of his tow truck in the future. Read the original article below. 

Original article: Fla. man arrested after pocket-dialing 911