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Teen Gets Fired From Job, Sets ATM On Fire, Pees on Said Fire

Thursday, June 8, 2017

arrestedTalk about a teen with no self-control. This boy is going to learn the hard way how to deal with his emotions after recently being arrested for the destruction of an ATM!

When the young man got fired from his factory job, he took out his aggression on a local ATM, which of course was caught by the surveillance footage inside the ATM stall.

Mr. Li first used a black marker to color over the lens of the surveillance camera, then took out a hammer and started smashing the ATM. But it’s what he did next that really caught everyone’s eye!

He removed a small container of lighter fluid and squirted it all over the ATM, then lit it on fire! Li quickly realized this was probably a bad idea, but didn’t have any water to put the flames out with. So he came up with an even better idea, unzipping his pants and urinating on the flames. Genius!

Li was soon arrested by police for the destruction of the ATM. But we’re still confused on why he took out the firing from his job out on an innocent ATM. What’s the connection?

“Since I don’t have any money, I want to make sure other people can’t get their money either.” Ahhh… teenagers...

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Original article: Teenager Sets Fire to ATM, Extinguishes Flames With His Own Urine After Getting Fired From Job

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