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Female Teacher & Aide Get Into Classroom Brawl

Friday, June 2, 2017

arrestedThese teachers really needed summer vacation to get here, ASAP! 

Things got a little heated in a Georgia middle school recently, when a science teacher and staff member got into a fist fight right in front of the class. “Everyone was screaming stop, stop, stop,” a student said. And of course, in today’s world of digital technology, another student recorded most of the fight on her phone for all of prosperity. 

The women are seen throwing punches, pulling hair and not giving up until another adult had to get in the middle to break up the fight. 

And just like  the middle school girls they were teaching, it was all over a boy! Evidently, it was a fellow male teacher that led to the 5-minute fight. One student was pushed up against the wall because the adults were so close to hitting her, but overall, students weren’t concerned for their safety. 

Parents, however, are calling for the women to be fired, saying that they are setting a bad example for their kids in the school. Even better? After the fight was finally broken up and things had calmed down, school officials came into the classroom and demanded to go through student’s phones to make sure they deleted any evidence of the fight.  

“Nobody apologized, they just came in and were like, who videotaped this? I think they were trying to push it under the rug so nobody would know about it and the school’s reputation wouldn’t be messed up,” a student said. Which of course, the school district denies. 

In a statement from the school: “Those staff members that participated in the conduct have been removed from the learning environment. We will act swiftly and decisively to hold those employees accountable for their actions.” Students and parents, however, are still looking for answers in this middle school maylay!

Sounds to us like “Summer Vacation” ended up coming a bit early for these angry ladies afterall. 

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Image credit: CBS46