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Teachers Arrested For Drawing Dinosaur in Wet Cement

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

jennifer ristTwo teachers thought it would be quite funny to draw a dinosaur (albeit a very poor one) in fresh concrete close to their school. Instead, they were arrested for vandalizing a piece of public property!

The pair caused more than $1,000 of damage in the new concrete that was poured for a sidewalk. It was being resurfaced due to a community beautification projects that had been started, but they did anything but make it more beautiful!

Abigail Howard, 29, and Jennifer Risk, 35, were warned to stay away from the wet concrete, but like two kids, they just couldn’t resist. They returned later and defaced the sidewalk before running after being confronted by the project foreman.

The teachers drew what appeared to be a rat with the initials “J.R.”. Howard took to Facebook to defend herself and “clear things up.” Apparently her defense was it was actually a dinosaur and that it would engage their students during walks to and from school. “In retrospect it was pretty stupid, but I didn’t realize I would be hurting anyone.

It was a drawing the size of my hand. Unfortunately, it’s on a 3x3 food block of cement, which they claim now needs to be replaced completely. Thus, $1000 of damage. Was it smart? Heck no. I see that now. Was it meant to hurt anyone? Also no.”  Was it stupid, immature and wrong? Yes, yes it was. 

Both teachers have been charged with unlawful mischief and are due in court before the end of the year. Let’s hope they don’t teach as recklessly to the students that are entrusted in their care!

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Original article: Two Teachers Arrested for Vandalizing Sidewalk

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