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Bank Robber Suspect Busted in Incredible Coincidence

Saturday, October 8, 2016

This is absolutely uncanny! A man, who was charged in a fatal bank robbery 13 years ago, was captured with the help of an anonymous tip and DNA secretly collected from an envelope he sent… to file a fraud complaint!

Richard Leon Wilbern was arrested when he went to meet with FBI agents, that he thought were meeting with him about his complaint. Not quite!

Thirteen years ago, a customer was fatally shot in the neck during a bank robbery. Another customer was also wounded when the robber ran in wearing an FBI jacket and a U.S. Marshal’s badge and opened fire. He initially told employees he was there for a security assessment and escaped with more than $10,000. 

Unfortunately, over the years, it had become a cold case. That is, until agents offered a $50,000 reward for help in solving the crime. That's when a former co-worker named Wilbern as the suspect in the fatal robbery. 

Soon, as they were further looking into the tip, Wilbern himself, called the FBI to report a suspected real estate scam. Wow, this guy has some guts, but what ironic and impeccable timing!

Agents met with Wilbern to discuss it, but during a second meeting, they had him sign paperwork and lick an envelope, that they used to test for DNA that would tie him to the crime. Busted! 

Wilbern was charged with bank robbery resulting in death and weapons counts. Surprisingly, he served prison time back in 1980 for a different bank robbery, but he evidently didn’t learn his lesson.

He’s not so lucky this time! He’ll be in prison for quite awhile now. Looks like his real estate scam report scammed him out of more than he bargained for.

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Original article: Feds Say a Lick of the Envelope Helped Them Nab Bank Robber

image credit: Monroe County Jail