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Teacher Texting Tragedy

Friday, August 10, 2012

textingTexting and driving might be one of the fastest growing and most dangerous side effects of the cell phone revolution (that is of course until they determine that they really do cause brain tumors).  Every few days there is a new story about a young person being injured or killed in a car accident with the cause being “texting.”  At what point will people finally slow down and start realizing that telling your friend “lol” at the same moment you are flying down the road at 80 mile an hour is not that important…that it can wait until later.  There is actually a nice television campaign going on right now that has people talking about the loved one they lost in a car wreck and showing the last thing that they texted as they crashed and died.  It is kind of sad and morbid, but at the same time very effective in my mind.

That being said, there is a reason why we are bringing this up in today’s blog post.  A story came out of Columbus, Ohio today that a central Ohio man was to be sentenced to 3 years in jail for a crash that killed a 16 year old.  The maddening part of this is that the man was a driving instructor and the 16 year old was his student.  According to authorities the instructor was texting during the driving lesson, when the car crashed and killed the boy.  This is a whole new level of stupidity that could have been avoided and saved a young boy’s life.  Read the original article below.

Original article:  Driving Instructor Sentenced to Jail After Texting-Related Crash Kills Student