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Teacher Gets Felony Charge for Lying About Puppy

Friday, May 6, 2016

A college instructor near Chicago, IL recently told her students that she was appalled when she found a poor puppy duct-taped inside a pillowcase along a highway. The students couldn’t have agreed more and everyone quickly fell in love with the poor puppy who was left for dead.

Except that it was all a lie... Turns out the instructor lied about the whole thing and has now been charged with fabricating the story. Who does that?! Hope A. Sanchez, 38, was charged with felony disorderly conduct / filing a false police report after being found out.

She initially told her class that she was riding her motorcycle when she found the puppy, which everyone believed was a boxer or mixed breed. She wasn’t anticipating one of her students feeling so bad about the poor puppy, though, that the student would report the incident to an animal shelter. The shelter, in turn, contacted local police to find out who would have done such a thing.

Turns out nobody did! After the police investigated the incident, they determined the dog had actually been given to Sanchez, but her partner didn’t want any part of it, so she concocted a story in order to try to find a new home for the puppy. We’re still confused on why that seemed like the best option to her!

She’s not only in trouble with the law, now, she’s also being investigated by the college where she teaches, as well! She probably never thought it would affect her job but that’s where she’s at now. She is expected to appear in court soon and her fate at her employer still remains in question, as well.

Hopefully this grown woman realizes that concocting crazy stories to play on people’s sympathies probably won’t get you the answers that you hoped for!

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Original article and image credit: College Instructor’s Story About Finding Dog in Pillowcase Was Tall Tale