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Auto Shop Gives Meth As Employee Bonuses

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

methWell this is an employee bonus you don’t hear of everyday! At a local auto body shop in Minnesota, the owner allegedly paid the employees a bonus… in drugs… meth to be specific! 

One of the employees was evidently sick of being given drugs to pawn if he wanted to see some cash, so he eventually turned his boss in. DEA agents raided the auto body shop recently just after midnight after an employee tipped them off that the owner and his girlfriend would be paying everyone in meth.

Jesse Michael Seifert, 40, and his girlfriend Nancy Jean Loehlein, 39, were the recipients of a narcotics search warrant, where agents found used syringes and a digital scale with meth residue, as well. Loehlein generally distributed the meth to each employee, usually about ½ a gram, while Seifert was present. 

Seifert was immediately arrested for gross misdemeanor driving after cancellation and booked, but with what the agents uncovered, more charges are still to come. 

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Original article: Warrant: Mankato Body Shop Paid Employees In Methamphetamine

image credit: istock