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Teacher Blew Student Activity Cash On Penny Slots

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

teacher arrestedHigh school teacher Lydia Johnson, 29, was supposed to coordinate student events, such as homecoming and student-parent trips. However, instead she ended up stealing thousands of dollars from the kids!

As a matter of fact, she blew more more than $90,000 playing penny slots at a local casino! PENNY SLOTS! ! That's a whole lot of pennies!

Investigators searched her classroom and found several casino receipts, which were located next to open and empty homecoming envelopes. 

“This teacher held a position of trust within the high school,” Prosecutor Eric Smith said. “She repaid that trust by feeding student funds into a slot machine.”

Johnson was the school’s activity coordinator for a little over a year and was responsible for incoming and outgoing funds for student events and was placed on administrative leave after her theft was discovered.

District administrators discovered accounting discrepancies in the school’s activities fund. Because she was placed on administrative leave, she also was prohibited from attending any school events or having contact with students or staff without administrative permission. Doesn't sound like they were going to be having any events anyway, with all of their funds gone.

Things started to go badly for Johnson after school officials realized that after the 2016 homecoming dance, over $30,000 should have been deposited based on attendance, but only $11,000 went into the homecoming account. 

Her personal bank records quickly proved that her 2016 cash deposits were “far in excess of her salary”, the prosecutor’s office said.

She also oversaw ticket sales for a 60-person student and parent camp, which should have resulted in about $13,000. Only $500 ended up in the school’s bank account and the camp went unpaid for the event. The camp called the school, but Johnson failed to return their calls. Did she really think she wouldn’t get busted?

The camp then contacted school officials, where an internal investigation “yielded more questions than answers” and the police were contacted.  

Johnson was charged with one count of embezzlement from a nonprofit organization, a felony that can cost her up to 10 years in prison if she’s convicted! Her bond was set at $10,000, or $1 million pennies. 

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