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Supersized Soda Refill Leads to Supersized Fine

Monday, April 21, 2014

supersizedIf you are as old as us then you can probably still remember the days of having to control how much soda you drank with your meal.  Back in the day, there were no FREE refills.  You had to manage your soda intake at every meal just like a bank account so that you would have some left to wash down your last bite of food.  Fast forward to today…and no longer do you have to worry about how much soda you drink because of the invention of refills.  Probably the best invention since the concept of bail bonds (c’mon, you know that we are going to mention the bail bond industry at least once in this blog by now, don’t you?).  Back to the story.

Last week, a construction worker was doing some work at the VA hospital in Charleston, South Carolina.  During lunch, he decided to go to the cafeteria to grab some chow and a soda.  Assuming that the soda refills were free he went back a couple times to top off his drink.  The last time he refilled, he was heading back to his table when a cafeteria worker asked him if he was going to pay for the refill.  Shocked and confused, the man tried to pay the bill (which for the record was only $.89), but apparently it was too late.  He was taken to a small room and issued a ticket for $525 dollars.  He was also told never to come back on the premises….meaning he lost his job.  What do you think?  Watch the news story below and read the original article. - Columbia, South Carolina |

Original story: Man faces federal charges for mistakenly thinking there were free refills on his soda.

Posted by: Eric Granof

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