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Spring Break Ends Before it Even Begins for Some

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

spring breakAhhhh… Spring Break. A time of young, fun and sun, and yes, sometimes even trouble. Read some of these jaw dropping Florida Spring Breakers stories.

One young man recently found that out the hard way. As this man was being chased by the cops, he ran into a crowd and conveniently left his bag of pot behind.

He even went so far as to take off his shirt, run into the ocean and swim back and forth before lifeguards were finally able to intercept him. Did he really think he’d be able to escape the cops in the ocean?!

Soon, he found his way into the back of a cop car on an unexpected Spring Break trip to the slammer!

Another Spring Breaker thought it would be a good idea to slap the “left rear quarter” of a police horse named Commander after cops told him and a crowd of other unruly revelers to clear the area.

Amazingly, a 19-year-old woman hit a cop in the back of his head after being challenged to do so by her friends. What in the world did she think would happen?

All of this has been happening in Fort Lauderdale and the Spring Break fun for a select few ended before it even began. In all, 15 people were arrested and 16 people were issued citations between the period of March 1-13th in the beach area.

Oh Florida, you never fail to dissapoint us. Police say that generally kids are respectful and just looking to have fun and be on a sunny vacation. But they do have a “zero tolerance” enforcement policy on and around the beach during Spring Break, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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Original article: Some Spring Breakers Get a Rest While Some Get Arrested

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