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Smokers Beware: Keep Your Butts Away From Us

Thursday, October 25, 2012

smoking in jailIt has become a modern day Scarlett letter.  If you do it, people scoff at you and isolate you.  Airports put you in a fish tank like room for everyone to watch, and restaurants make you stand outside in the cold and the dark (if the city you’re in actually allows you to do so).  We are of course talking about smoking. 

Most people started smoking at some point in their life because it was cool.  As kids we were impressed by Hollywood stars and action heroes all lighting up and taking a long drag off their Marlboros after a long day.  It was relaxing…it was sexy…it was cool.  But today it is a different story.  Smokers are separated from the rest of society and practically put in situations that are completely humiliating at times.  Now don’t get us wrong…we are not smokers nor do we condone that people smoke.  We just don’t think that people should be branded for doing so. 

Now it’s time to get to the point of this blog.  There is a new story out of Boulder, Colorado (makes perfect sense coming from there) recommending that people who violate public smoking laws be given jail time.  Seriously…jail time.  At a time where these same people claim that jails are overcrowded and they want to let convicted felons out on their own recognizance unsupervised, they also want to put smokers in jail for 90 days for smoking in public.  It definitely doesn’t make sense to us.   We don’t think people should need to go get a bail bond because they smoked in the wrong place or placed their “butt” in the wrong place (you didn’t think we were going to write a whole blog and not throw out one butt joke , did you?).  What do you think?  Read the original article below.

Original article: Jail time for smoking? Ridiculous