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Mystery Man Swipes $150K That ATM Workers Left on Curb

Friday, August 14, 2015

expertbail bail bondsIt might seem like a windfall if you’re driving down the road and all of the sudden you come across a satchel containing $150,000! But, like most people would, you should probably report it and see if someone might be missing it before claiming it for yourself.

Unfortunately, that’s not what has happened in New Jersey. A satchel containing $150,000 in cash is missing after ATM workers accidently left it on a front lawn when working on local ATM machines. Ooooops!

Two ATM cash delivery employees stopped at a customer location and when delivering the money, one placed the satchel on the lawn while moving items around inside the vehicle. The other employee who was driving believed all was good-to-go, so they left for the next stop, not aware that the money was still on the lawn.

And the mystery begins. 15 minutes later they quickly realized their mistake and returned to the previous stop, but the satchel was already missing. Both employees were interviewed by investigators and have cooperated and are not believed to be involved in the whereabouts of the missing money.

Police are using a surveillance video, which shows a man in a white van pull up shortly after the ATM workers left and grabbed the cash. The van reportedly then drove to a nearby auto repair business and took used tires from a fenced-in area. Because apparently finding $150,000 wasn’t enough!

Unfortunately they have yet to find the man, but hopefully they will soon and the cash will be retrieved. That’s what we call a great yearly bonus!

Police describe the man as dark-skinned, wearing a T-shirt and long white athletic shorts with a dark stripe. They also believe the van is a white GMC Savana.

Anyone with additional information can contact Mahwah Detectives Michael Grassi or Eric Larsen at (201) 529-1000, extension 216 or 217.Related Topics:

Original article credit: Mahwah Police Seek Thief Who Stole $150,000 Cash After ATM Employees Left Money Unattended