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Sesame Street: Learning About Jail Time on Prime Time

Friday, June 14, 2013

elmo in jailIf you are like the rest of us, then you probably watched a lot of Sesame Street growing up.  From learning numbers with the Count to reading stories with Big Bird to using our imagination with Ernie and Bert, we all have very fond memories of that classic kids program.  As much as things stay the same in this world, they also change.  And this latest story is about a change that many people are wondering about.  Sesame Street has moved its focus off of the corner block and moved it on to the cell block.  In a new segment being packaged as an educational tool kit for families, Sesame Street has launched a program called “Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration.”  According to reports the show includes stories, tips and activities for children and adults who are coping with a parent who is in jail or prison. 

As the nation’s largest network of bail bond agents in the country, we aren’t sure where we stand on this issue, but we do know that this is becoming a controversial subject for many parents.  Some think that this lesson is an important one that many children need to learn because they are currently dealing with this very issue.  On the other hand, many parents feel like this type of message is just accepting if not glorifying the fact that having a parent go to jail is just a normal thing in America.  Either way, whether you agree or disagree with Sesame Street and their choice to addresses this issue, it still is something that many families must deal with on a daily basis.  The big question is, does it need to be an issue that every family must deal with?  What are your thoughts?  Read the original article below.

Original article: Sesame Street's latest lesson: What if your parents end up in jail?

Written by: Eric Granof