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Serial Wedding Crasher Rips Off Bridal Parties

Saturday, November 28, 2015

wedding crasherCan you imagine taking your vows at your wedding, the happiest day of your life, only to go up to your suite later in the day to realize that someone was in there and cleaned it out? That’s what has been happening in California recently!

Luckily, all of these brazen crimes have been linked to the same suspect, Denise Louise Burns, also known as Denise Gunderson, 50. That being said, she is still on the run. 

This woman has made this into somewhat of a career. She dresses up as a wedding guest, slips into the many different wedding venues that are crowded and full of tons of distractions, then gets to business! She will go through purses and leave with cash, checks, credit cards and anything else she can get her hands on, all of which belong to members of the bridal party. How does nobody notice? Because she will rob these people when the ceremony is happening and all of their personal belongings are left unattended. How conniving!

An arrest warrant for $100,000 has been issued in San Diego County, where she is also being charged with grand theft, identity theft and burglary in a series of similar crimes. She is also being investigated in a neighboring county where they have had similar incidents. 

One bride got married in June when someone swiped her wallet, only to see that within a half hour, her credit card was used to buy gas close by. Surveillance cameras then caught her using the cards at a Target store, where it was clear she was holding the bride’s wallet. 

The big road block right now are the number of aliases she has accumulated, along with a lengthy criminal record dating back to 1998. She has faced several convictions for drug possession, false impersonation, burglary and receiving stolen property. Her whereabouts are still unknown at this time. 

All of the jilted brides would love nothing more than to see her get what she deserves and be placed behind bars. But for now, they’ll have to wait until she is located. In the meantime, keep your personal belongings close by at the next wedding you attend. You just never know!

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Original article: Thief Walked Into Weddings, Left with Brides’ Wallets

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