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Woman’s Bad Day Involves 2 Crashes, 2 DUI Arrests

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

woman arrested two duisThis woman was really determined to get to her destination recently, but there was a problem. She was drunk and kept crashing her car!

Michele Leonard crashed her car not once, but twice, on the same evening after a few too many cocktails. She was arrested for driving under the influence the first time but that wasn’t enough to stop her. She eventually crashed her car again and when the police arrived the second time, she was arrested for driving under the influence... again!

After being arrested by the State Police the first time, she quickly got out and paid a stranger $3 to take her back to her car, where she got back in and tried again. She quickly lost control, though, and traveled off of the road and sideswiped a parked car. 

She must have not thought that was enough, though, because she continued driving and eventually crashed into a garage. It was only then that she gave up and was arrested for the second time.

It truly is a blessing that nobody was hurt from her shenanigans!

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Original article: Somerset Woman Arrested Twice in One Night for DUI

Image Credit: Shutterstock