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Selfie Incrimination...When Taking Crime Photos is Actually a Crime

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

SelfieArtHave you ever done something that you weren’t supposed to do and then didn’t tell anyone about it?  Have you ever done something that you weren’t supposed to do and then only told your best friend?  Most people can probably answer yes to either of those questions…at least back in the day.

Today, people don’t seem to have a problem doing things they aren’t supposed to do and even worse, they don’t seem to have a problem telling any and every one that they did. Yep, we are talking about another case of Selfie Incrimination, this time taken for the sake of art…but law enforcement doesn’t agree.

Today’s bail bond blog post is about a young up and coming photographer who got herself into trouble for posting some photos of the vacant Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas.  The photos are actually pretty beautiful, but they weren’t the problem. The problem is that the young woman, broke into the boarded up hotel to take them.  Posting them online was basically giving police a play by play of the crime and made it easy to find her and fine her.  Read the original story and see the photos below.

Original article and photos: Photographer busted in Baker Hotel through social media

Posted by: Eric Granof

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