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Saudis Find Huge Beer Shipment Disguised As Pepsi

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

heinekenAlcohol may be banned in Saudi Arabia, but that doesn’t stop people from drinking it in the country! You just have to be resourceful!

Recently, Saudi authorities caught a man at the border of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with 48,000 cans of Heineken! But they were wrapped to appear like Pepsi cans. He sure was hoping he’d be able to sneak by unnoticed!

The man was driving a truck that appeared to just be carrying pallets of Pepsi across the border. Upon further inspection, however, it was quickly realized that they were cans of Heineken that were just covered with the Pepsi’s sticker logos! And quite convincing at that!

This guy isn’t the only one who has tried to get away with getting some alcohol into the country. Recently, another Saudi man was caught on the border with 12 bottles of liquor SEWED into his pants! Saudi authorities also found more than 19,000 bottles of alcohol hidden in a shipment of rice and tomato paste, too. Someone wanted to throw a party!

Not surprisingly, the punishment for smuggling alcohol across the border can be severe. It can lead to prison sentences and flogging! Let’s hope this guy doesn’t get in too much trouble for his Pepsi prank.

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Original article and image credit: How Do You Smuggle 48,000 Cans of Heineken into Saudi Arabia? Disguise it as Pepsi!

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