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Butt Dialing the Cops from Phone Leads to Arrest

Sunday, November 15, 2015

butt dialIt never ceases to amaze us when people commit crimes and end up turning themselves in!
That’s what happened to these teenagers after they went on a rampage of vandalism Halloween night! After damaging a fleet of school buses, one of the teenagers pocket dialed 911 by accident. Oops…

Police quickly were able to find the teenagers, who were also charged with illegally consuming alcohol, along with vandalism. Two 18-year-olds were charged, along with a younger boy, and they also face charges of criminal mischief. Police estimate that the damages to the buses was around $1,500. 

It hasn’t been released which of the three boys butt dialed the cops, but we’re betting that his friends are pretty unhappy about his lack of competence right about now!

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Original article: Pocket Dial to 911 Leads to Arrests in Halloween Vandalism
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