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Robbers Steal from Walmart, But Forget Child

Monday, August 31, 2015

bail bondOh man… this is NOT a good look!

Three people recently left a Walmart Supercenter with stolen merchandise in tow, but unfortunately forgot the small child that came with them. I guess they were distracted by all of the stealing they were doing!

Police were called to the store on suspicion of retail theft who also had a child that they left behind.

Employees informed the police that three women left the store with merchandise that they hadn’t paid for and when they were approached by an employee, they ran. Evidently, they didn’t think about the child, however, because they dropped the child to move fast and continued on to their vehicles. How horrible!

Two of the suspects were immediately taken into custody and were charged with suspicion of retail theft, endangering the life of a child and obstructing justice. The third suspect was able to get away and has yet to be captured. 

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Original article and image credit: Child Left Behind, but Not Stolen Merchandise, At Peoria Walmart