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Tip: Don’t Wear Stolen Earrings To Interview With Cops

Monday, August 31, 2015

arrestedOne would think that if you happen to steal pricey diamond earrings, you may keep them on the DL for awhile. Why bring attention to yourself if people happen to be looking for them?

Not Candace McCray, however! She stole $8,000 worth of bling from a poor woman who was recovering from surgery in a rehab center, where she happened to be a nurse’s aide. The only problem? She decided to keep wearing the studs around work, where the victim quickly recognized her missing earrings!

The patient, 85, quickly recognized the woman as the nurse’s aide from the assisted-living facility that the patient lived in, who also happened to be helping her recover from surgery at a rehab center. The patient quickly brought in the police, who said that McCray was wearing her precious diamond earrings right in front of her nose!
The police questioned McCray and noticed that she was STILL wearing the same earrings during the questioning that were being reported missing. Man… nothing like making yourself stand out!

McCray has been charged with dealing in stolen property, false verification of ownership and theft from a person 65 years or older. 

I guess sometimes diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend!

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Original article and image credit: Jewelry Thief Wears Stolen Studs to Police Interview