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Pornography, Police Chiefs and a Really Bad Direct Mailing List

Monday, September 23, 2013

sexy mailMarketing and Sales are too of the most high pressure jobs in the marketplace.  Having to identify the best way to reach out to your potential customers and draw them in can be very challenging at times.  This is the topic of our next bail bond blog post. 

The first thing you must do as a marketer is identify who your audience is and then the best way to reach out to them.  One of the most traditional and proven ways to reach consumers is direct mail.  That is why every day you get home and check the mail you usually have one or two letters (most likely bills) and then about 2 pounds of marketing mailers.  From Pottery Barn catalogs to The Gap circulars to coupon magazines, marketers seem to have a never ending supply of paper to inundate us consumers with. 

That being said, sometimes these brilliant targeted mailing campaigns can go wrong…and we are not just talking about a typo in your catalog, but rather a poorly targeted mailing list.  This past week in Japan several catalog marketers got themselves into a little trouble when they unintentionally sent their catalogs to the wrong consumers.  You are probably wondering what the big deal is with that.  Well, it is a big deal when the catalog you are sending out is an illegal pornography catalog and the recipient is the head of the Police Department.  According to reports, the police chief, after reviewing the catalog (we assume, several dozen times of course, just to be up on the facts), turned the materials over to his team tht then proceeded to raid and seize the offices of the various porn kingpins and seize over 280,000 uncensored discs and 7,000 erectile dysfunction pills (and just for the record, we aren't sure how many of the 7,000 pills actually made it into evidence). 

The lesson here is not an easy one to figure out.  Maybe the lesson is that direct marketing is a better crime fighting tool than direct marketing as a marketing tactic.  Or maybe, the lesson is that porn can be good.  Either way, the only thing we do know now is that if you are ever deciding to become a Japanese porn kingpin, make sure that you take the police chief off your direct mailing list.  Read the original story below.

Original story:  Japan porn dealers arrested after catalogues sent to police: media

Posted by: Eric Granof

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