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Cell Phone Sabotage: Crime Scenes Are Bad Places to Charge Your Phone

Friday, September 20, 2013

Cell phone sabotageThere are two types of criminals in this world, those that get caught and those that you never hear about (in other words, they don’t get caught).  As you can imagine, those that get caught a lot are typically not your brightest bunch of bulbs in the pile.  In fact if it wasn’t for some of these crazy criminals doing stupid things, we wouldn’t have much to talk about in this bail bond blog.  And just for the record, we never ever condone the behavior of the people we write these blogs about.

That being said, this next story has to do with a cell phone.  How many times have you been out and about and looked down to see that your cell phone battery was about to die.  Even if you have a charger with you, sometimes it is hard to find a quiet safe place to plug it in.  Airports are notorious places to find business men and women frantically running around looking for a spare outlet to charge their phone.  If you have ever been in this situation than you will probably get a kick out of this next story. 

This past week an Arizona man was arrested as he relaxed at a local campground.  He had just committed the crime of the century and was basking in his own glory…and all the while wondering where he put his cell phone (we’ll get to that in a bit).  Okay, so it wasn’t the crime of the century, but from how things initially looked to the man, he got away with burglarizing a home and got away with a safe, some computer equipment and a Chevy truck...but he was still wondering where the heck his cell phone was.   Back to the crime scene, everything had gone like clockwork, just as planned, except for one thing, the man left his cell phone plugged into the wall.  Yep, he actually stopped during the crime to charge his cell phone.  Police were able access the phone and from pictures taken on it, track the man to a local campground.  He is currently being held on a $12,000 bail bond.  Next time, maybe he should charge his phone before he commits a crime. Read the original story below.

Original story: Forgotten Phone Lands Suspected Burglar in Jail

Posted by: Eric Granof

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