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Parents Turn In Burglar Son

Thursday, September 24, 2015

kid arrestedTalk about tough love! A teenager was recently caught breaking into a juice bar. When parents found out it was their son, they turned him in! They saw the report on a the news, took action and called the police and the store.

How did they know it was their son? Because his face was plastered all over the surveillance cameras at the juice bar, which was recovered after it was smashed to the ground! 

In the video, it also captured two teens walking into the store and taking food out of the freezer. Once they spotted the camera, they attempted to disable it by throwing food at it and eventually succeed by hitting it with a planter making it shatter. But all of that content was already captured and recovered, so they didn’t stand a chance of getting away with this crime.

The parents offered to pay for all of the damages and the two teens have now also been forced to work at the store for an entire day to make up for what they stole and broke. That must be one profitable juice bar!

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Original article and image credit: Juice Bar Break-In Suspects Turned In By Parents