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Florida Man Mistakenly Texts a Narcotics Captain to Buy Drugs

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

bail bondWe’ve all had experiences where we’ve texted the wrong number. Sometimes it results in funny texts back or ultimate humiliation. However, for this Florida man, it resulted in his arrest!

William Laberson, 29, texted a number wanting to buy drugs. Problem was that it was the wrong number and was sent to a Narcotics Captain instead!

The Narcotics Captain played along at first, and the tests started innocently enough. Laberson texted the captain and he responded with “what’s up” just on a whim. 

What he wasn’t expecting was Lamberson to respond saying “Not much dude wanna smoke so bad u have any green?” Whoops!

The captain asked Lamberson if he has connections to score some cocaine, to which Lamberson responded, “I actually do man. Lol” Talk about digging your own grave!
As the two continued to text, the captain finally asked for a specific amount of cocaine so they could meet up later. That meeting DID happen, but not what Lamberson was expecting! Instead of meeting a drug dealer, he was met by narcotics detectives who immediately arrested him.

He was charged with one count of possession of cocaine with intent to sell. 

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Original article: What Happens When You Mistakenly Text A Narcotics Captain To Buy Drugs