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Novelist Arrested For Robbery - Just Like In His Book

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

bank robberThis crime writer found himself in the middle of one of his own novels as the defendant of a bank robbery! Talk about a fine line between truth and fiction!

Just like in his novel, he found himself struggling financially and took drastic measures to get some money - robbing a bank! But, just like in the book that he wrote, things didn’t quite go as planned. He probably should have expected that! We call that foreshadowing folks.

The defendant was charged with extortion under threat of force, extortionate abduction and illegally carrying an alarm gun.  

Turns out he entered a local bank wearing a mask and carrying an alarm gun, pointed the gun at staff and demanded money, while ordering other customers to lie on the floor. And everything went as he planned!

But he quickly realized he didn’t get as much money as he wanted and demanded that the teller give him the contents of the safe, as well. This is where things began to go wrong. The safe only opens after a time delay, which meant that he sat in the bank for 25 minutes before walking out with almost $40,000.

And the police were waiting for him outside, where he didn’t resist arrest.
The crazy part is that this whole crime followed almost the exact same timeline as the protagonist in a book. A book that HE wrote! In the novel, the robber flees on a bike, changes his clothes and is quickly found by the cops. 

Looks like he might have a lot more free time coming up to write his second novel! He has pleaded guilty and will be heading into court over the next few weeks. Prison might just be the creative release he needs!

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Original article: Crime Writer in Court for Failed Robbery - Just Like in His Book

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