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Never Use Your Children as Hood Ornaments

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

strappedDriving while intoxicated is never a good thing…especially when it involves children.  Even worse (as if there can be a thing) is not only driving while intoxicated with your kids, but strapping them to the hood of your car while you do.  And trust us when we say that we aren’t making this up….we are definitely not that creative.

Last week a Fort Wayne, Indiana man thought it would be a good idea to give his kids a joy ride in or rather “on” his car.  After a few cocktails, he used a tow strap to secure his children to the hood of his car before taking off.  The four children ranged in age from 4-7 years old.  A curious and concerned neighbor called 911 and reported the incident.

The man is now facing up to three years in prison on four counts of felony child neglect and drunk driving. Read original article below.

Original article: Aaron Stefanski Pleads Guilty To Child Neglect, Drunk Driving After Strapping Kids To Roof Of Car