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Need Some Take-Out? Don’t Call 911 For Delivery

Monday, November 23, 2015

arrested for 911 callThis Florida woman was confused on who she should call to order take-out. Turns out, she called a local police station to ask for wings and cigarettes to be delivered! Ya… right…

Liann Gae Watson, 45, is now being accused of calling police and asking them to bring the items she needed ASAP, because she was too drunk to drive and get them herself. She thought she was being responsible!

Unfortunately, that’s not the way 911 works. When officers arrived, she continually asked them for cigarettes, but not before claiming that her call to 911 was nothing more than a joke. I don’t think they thought it was very funny, however.

After switching from hysterical laughter to breakdown sobs, she was ultimately arrested and placed in the cop car. That wasn’t how she pictured her night going, though, and started swearing, banging her head against a partition and kicking her legs up towards the ceiling once she arrived at the local jail. Looks like the police had their hands full! 

She was soon restrained to prevent herself from causing any further harm. Time will tell how much trouble her little dialing escapades and dramatic outbursts will get her into.

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Original article: Florida Woman Calls 911, Orders Wings and Cigarettes 

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