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Naked Woman Lets Men Cover Her in Ketchup

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Well this isn’t what one would expect when going to eat lunch in a family-friendly establishment like Johnny Rockets! A woman recently strutted into the establishment topless, but she wasn’t even close to being done! She then untied her bikini bottoms and gave all of the patrons a complete eye full! People quickly started running out, but not before many men started to swarm her. I wonder why!

As she lay naked on a table, men began to douse her in ketchup. Hmmm… that’s interesting! And surprisingly… it only took her two weeks to finally get arrested on charges of indecent exposure, lewd and lascivious behavior, and disorderly conduct. Crazy!

naked woman in johnny rocketsMiss Valle, the daring lady in the video has been completely unfazed by all of the attention and has even confessed on Instagram where she surprisingly… was naked! Why did she do it? Pretty much because she could. No real reason…

The restaurant is located on Ocean Drive, which has been becoming more and more of a “cesspool of lawlessness” according to Mitch Novick, the manager at Johnny Rockets. He’s hoping an incident like this will be the wake up call the government needs to implement new zoning regulations to bring some order to the area. 

Employees were definitely unprepared for the wild adventures of Miss Valle! Surprisingly, the Ocean Drive task force has suggested owners of businesses in the area create a training program for employees to help handle incidences like these. What do you think?

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Original article: Naked woman Covered in Ketchup Arrested for Inciting a Riot in Miami Beach

Image credit: Miami-Dade Corrections and World Star Hip Hop