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Man Charged with Drunk Driving in His Motorized Wheelchair

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

dui-arrest-wheelchairOh Floridians, what would we do without you? 

When we think of someone getting charged with a DUI, we have a typical kind of scenario in mind. It definitely doesn’t involve a 54-year-old man driving around in his motorized wheelchair!

That’s what happened to Ronny Hicks in Florida, though. Florida, always Florida! He was tooling around in his motorized wheelchair when people noticed him driving erratically and blocking people near a pedestrian bridge. While some people thought it may just be him not being able to control it properly, they still called police to make sure he was ok.

Turns out he was drunk! When the police arrived, his speech was slurred, he was acting confused and appeared highly intoxicated. 

When Mr. Hicks arrived in court for his first appearance, it was recommended that he get the maximum $5,000 bond, since it was discovered that it was his third DUI in 10 years. The judge approved the recommendation and Mr. Hicks is currently out on bond.

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Original article: Florida Man Gets DUI in Motorized Wheelchair

Image credit: video - Florida man gets DUI in motorized wheelchair