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Murder Runs Strong in Weaver Family

Thursday, February 25, 2016

weaver arrest recordDoes anyone remember the notorious child killer, Ward Weaver? Turns out that murder runs in the family as his dad was a murderer and now his stepson has also been charged with murder. 

Francis Weaver, 33, maintains he is innocent in the murder of Edward Spangler. Him and a couple buddies planned to fake a break-in into a car and steal Spangler’s suitcase full of marijuana, but things went terribly wrong. Spangler ended up being shot by one of his friends and died.

The crazy part? Weaver’s mom claims that Weaver was at her house sleeping at the time of the murder and the guy who did shoot Spangler, Mr. Orren, has confessed to the crime and made a plea deal. What gives?

Even worse, it looks like his trial will be held in the same county where his stepfather was convicted of raping and killing two girls back in 2002. His step dad is serving a life sentence in prison, but it looks like there are plenty of people that still want him to pay for his stepfather’s sins. 

A request for a change in venue was denied.

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Original article: Ward Weaver’s Stepson Prepares to go on Trial for Murder: “I’m Not Guilty”

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