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Media Overload: Making "Crazy" Famous

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

making crazy famousOne doesn’t have to search very hard these days to be inundated with negative news stories.  In fact, it is hard not to think that the world is going crazy when all you see is the constant reporting of crazy people gone on a shooting rampage.  The big question we want to answer is does the media make it worse?  When one crazy person commits a horrendous crime and the news blasts their name, life story and picture all over the television and internet, does that just spur other crazy people on to want to create that kind of publicity and fame for themselves?  And we aren’t just talking about someone committing a crime, getting arrested, getting a bail bond and going on with their life.  We are talking about these truly horrific acts of mass murder that we seem to be seeing more of lately. 

Now, we aren’t sure what the answer is, but we thought we would pose these questions:

  • Do you think the media covers these tragedies in too much detail giving the perpetrator an almost “celebrity like” aura? 
  • Do you think if the media didn’t mention the perpetrators name or story than we would see less attempts of mass violence?

If you remember back a couple decades, at public sporting event when an idiot ran on to the field during the game, the media used to cover it and showcase their antics.  Today, the networks all agreed to not show these incidents and keep the camera on the game. The result, less fan interference, because they know they won’t be on television.  Of course, there are probably stiffer penalties for these types of acts and stronger security at sporting events that contribute to this, but you have to think that taking the cameras out of it has got to help. 

Written by: Eric Granof

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