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Man Poops in Grocery Store, Uses Store Tissue to Clean Up

Monday, September 12, 2016

man poops in storePeople shopping at this supermarket got more than they bargained for when one of their fellow shoppers decided to squat and do his business right on the aisle floor! However, he wasn’t done there. He simply picked up some tissues from the shelf and cleaned himself right off. No shame with this guy!

When he was done cleaning himself up, he threw the dirty tissue beneath racks of merchandise. To top it off, he helped himself to some liquid soap to clean his hands, too. Did he realize he was in the middle of the grocery store?!

Ironically, he didn’t do his business next to where the tissues were. He waited to poop in a different aisle, then walked off to find the tissues. 

Crazy enough, nobody stopped the man and police are now on the look out. He even started out his trip to the grocery store by roaming around and shoplifting different items that he stashed into his backpack. So he shoplifted and pooped in the store... how did this guy get away with this?

Customers did complain to staff about the horrible smell, but instead of confronting the man, staff called the cops, who didn’t make it in time.

It’s not everyday you go to do some grocery shopping and see someone decide to take a poop in the middle of the store.

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Original article:  Man squats down, poos in supermarket, then steals tissue on shelf to clean up

image credit: CEN