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Diner Pulls Down Pants in Outburst Over Onions

Monday, June 12, 2017

yuba sharmaThis guy REALLY doesn't like onions and he let everyone else in the diner know it!  

Yuba Sharma, 43, got really upset when his food was served at a restaurant and had onions. Things soon escalated and he began making drunken threats to shoot the owner of the restaurant and, ultimately, pulled down his pants to show everyone his business... or that he meant business... or both? Just a normal night at the diner!

Sharma was quickly arrested and charged with terroristic threats, indecent exposure, public drunkenness and resisting arrest. Of course, he resisted arrest! He had to be lifted and carried to the cop car. We wonder what will happen if he is served onions in jail?

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Original article: Upset over onions, man arrested at North Oakland restaurant

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