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Man Jailed for Smuggling McMuffin, Knife and Drugs Into Prison

Monday, November 9, 2015

mcmuffinIt still makes us laugh when people think they’re going to successfully smuggle not one, not two, but THREE things into a prison. Talk about overachievers!

What were the three things, you ask? Drugs (strike one), a knife (strike two) and a McMuffin sandwich (huh?)! Cameras caught the man tying the items to a fishing line that was pulled directly into a cell. It just gets better and better!

Karl Jensen, 27, along with his girlfriend, Lisa Mary Hutchinson, 26, attempted to smuggle the items into prison, but it didn’t work out too well for them. Staff was watching on closed-circuit TV as they attempted to get the bag into prison. Officers immediately found the bag inside the cell, which contained a five-inch blade, cannabis and cocaine. And of course… a McDonald’s McMuffin! 

Jensen pleaded guilty to seven charges, including conspiracy to supply a Class A drug and three counts of conveying an article into prison. Hutchinson admitted to the conspiracy, as well, but only received a 12-month community order. 

Police also located a Kinder Surprise egg containing five Sim cards, a bottle of vodka and USB chargers. One Detective said the combination of items “could have been deadly.” We wonder who will try to smuggle Jensen’s items in prison!

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Original article: Man Jailed for Smuggling Sandwich and Drugs Into Prison

Photo credit: Flikrr via theimpulsivebuy