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Arizona Man Ditched 5-Year-Old Granddaughter In Desert With Gun

Saturday, November 7, 2015

paul raterThis guy is definitely not going to win Grandfather of the Year! 

Paul Rater, 53, is being accused of child abuse and endangerment after he allegedly left his 5-year-old granddaughter alone in the desert recently. Even worse? He left her with a loaded and ready-to-fire handgun! It was fully loaded, with one round in the chamber and the hammer locked back. Poor girl!

He told police he left the girl with the gun under a tree because she complained that she couldn’t walk anymore. Ahhh, now we get it… Eventually, an off-duty firefighter, along with the girl’s grandmother, who were scouring the desert by ATV, located the girl. She was quickly reunited her with her mother.

For whatever the reason, Rater ended up on foot, despite initially being in his pick-up. After leaving his granddaughter, he called his wife and demanded that she picked him up from a local restaurant, after eating lunch and having a few beers. Instead, the cops came to find him. 

He claimed he was looking for help and never thought about calling 911. But on a positive note, he said he did ask people to look for his granddaughter because he left her alone in the desert. ** Enter Sarcasm **

“I don’t know why papa left me,” the girl told her grandma. “He took me by some bushes, gave me a gun and left me.” Thank goodness nothing terrible happened!
Rater was arrested and booked on suspicion of endangerment, along with two counts of reckless child abuse. 

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Original article and image credit: Man Left Granddaughter In Desert With Loaded Gun