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Man Drives 129 MPH to Get Home to Hot McDonald's Meal

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

mcdonalds arrestWho wants their delicious and hot McDonald’s food to get cold on the way home? Not Lee Rutherford apparently, who was caught going 129 mph, in order to get home to his nice, hot and greasy meal!

When he was pulled over, the cops asked him what the big hurry was. He said he just needed to get home ASAP in order to eat his burger and fries while they were still warm. Duh!

After a little digging, he also admitted to making a false statement to obtain insurance and dangerous driving. He was banned from driving, required to take extended driving tests, fined almost $2K and given a 20-week prison sentence. Totally worth the thought of enjoying a hot McDonald’s meal for all of that trouble!

He also had a previous drunk driving conviction and the dangerous driving was not taken lightly in court. According to the judge, Rutherford should thank his lucky stars he didn’t send him directly to prison for his dangerous antics! 

Let’s see if he finally learns his lesson... You want hot drive-thru food? Eat it in the parking lot.

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Original article:  Man Drove at 129 mph in Blyth to Stop his McDonald’s From Getting Cold

Image credit: & McDonalds