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Man Covers Himself in Butter for a Slippery Arrest

Monday, June 20, 2016

butter man arrestedA man recently covered himself in butter, thinking it would make it more difficult for the cops to arrest him. What?!

Michael Rooney, 35, stripped to his waist and was wearing only jeans before applying the butter. Where in the world would he even get the idea, you wonder? From a 2008 movie, of course. And in case you’re wondering, he absolutely was drinking heavily, along with being on medication. Things are starting to make more sense! 

Cops were called to the man’s house after he had busted up most of the furniture that he shared with his partner. He than barricaded himself into the house and jammed the door with chairs, making it difficult for anyone to get in. And then he covered himself in butter…

Soon he was waving a 14-inch knife and daring the cops to come in, which they eventually did! They used 2 rounds of pepper spray before subduing him enough to arrest him. And wouldn’t you know it… it WAS difficult to arrest and place handcuffs on him because of all of the butter!

Rooney pleaded guilty to three counts, including threatening to kill two cops, along with having a knife. But after writing a letter of apology and proving he had given up drinking, the judge felt he had done much “to rehabilitate himself.”

Because of his genuine remorse and that it has been stated that this behavior was completely out of character for him, he suspended the sentence he was originally handed and is being given another chance. He's one lucky 'butter'-cup!

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Original article:  Man Covered in Butter to Avoid Arrest

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