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Man Attacks Neighbor With Weed Whacker

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

weedwhacker attackPolice recently had to investigate a violent crime between two neighbors. It figures that this happened in Florida, but who would have guessed that it involved lawn equipment!?

Dan Lorek and his neighbor had never even met before things got heated and it turned into an epic brawl.  “Very painful. A lot of Neosporin and Aleve,” Lorek said. So what would have caused such a huge problem between neighbors? 

A few weeks prior, Lorek claimed that his neighbor, Jeffrey Koshen, sped down their flooded Florida street, splashing him, his paperwork, phone and wallet. After Lorek yelled at him for being not a very nice neighbor, Koshen swore at him and came after him with a weed whacker!

“He got the whole side of my truck beat up, the window scratched up, right where my face was,” Lorek said.  Not only that, Lorek also got 74 cuts on his legs, three on his back and three bumps on his head.  “Now, every time I hear a weed eater, I start to cringe,” Lorek said. Can’t say we blame him! 

According to Koshen's arrest report, police found no indication of mental health issues, drug or alcohol influence. He was charged with aggravated battery and criminal mischief.

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Original article:  Man Says Neighbor Attacked Him With Weed Eater

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