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Make Sure Your Fake ID Isn’t A Wanted Person

Monday, August 31, 2015

fake idWhen you give the name of someone as the police are apprehending you, make sure the false ID you’re providing doesn’t also happen to be of a wanted man! That’s what happened to this man and his attempt at avoiding arrest quickly went down the drain!

The cops were called to a residence to look into loud music that was being reported and when they arrived, they found a man sitting in his car with loud music blasting out of the windows.

Darius Devonte McClain, 22, was just minding his own business, albeit with music that was ear-crushingly loud coming from his car, when the police asked him for his ID. When he said he didn’t have it, the police asked for his name, date of birth, and Social Security number. He figured he would just give the cops his brother’s information.

He didn’t realize that his brother was a wanted man, though! After the police checked out the info that he had provided, it came back with a warrant for the arrest of his brother, which the police now thought was him!

McClain quickly admitted to giving his brother’s name and swore he didn’t know his brother had a warrant out for his arrest. But, when the police finally got McClain’s real information, they discovered he was on felony probation for introducing contraband into a detention facility and was arrested anyway.

McClain was charged with giving false identification to the police, along with violation of probation. Looks like that totally backfired!

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Original article and image credit: Man’s False ID Also Wanted By Law Enforcement