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Lobster Crimes: Busted for Grabbing Some Tail

Monday, June 16, 2014

lobster crimesWhen we think of summer, we think of long days at the beach and even longer evenings sitting around barbecuing with friends and family.  And there is nothing better than throwing some steaks and lobster tails on the BBQ, because everyone loves a little lobster now and again.  But one woman in Orange City, Florida wanted some lobster a little too badly and took the claw (get it?) into her own hands, or shall we say her own pants.  Yep, today’s bail bond blog story is about the one five finger discount that went a little fishy.

This past week a Florida woman decided to steal some lobster tails from the local supermarket.  According to the store video cameras, the woman didn’t necessarily think the lobster heist through very carefully as the video shows her struggling to keep the 7 lobster tails in her pants comfortably…if that is even possible.  Anyway, the store clerk saw the woman trying to stuff the lobster tails in her pants and stopped her.  The woman told authorities that she planned on trading the lobster tails for either a Chinese buffet (??? Not sure what that’s about) or Dilauded.  Our guess is probably the latter.  Read the original story and see the surveillance video at the link below.

Original article: Woman Caught Stuffing Seven Lobster Tails Down Her Pants

Written by: Eric Granof

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