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How to Spend $100,000 at a Strip Club and Not Even Know it

Thursday, June 12, 2014

strip club crimesWhile some businesses like the bail bond industry are accused as having a dark and seedy underbelly when they actually don’t, other industries like strip clubs are proving that a dark underbelly is only the starting point.  This past week in New York, police uncovered a crime ring focused on seducing, drugging and stealing from wealth men.

According to reports, over $200,000 was illegally charged on several credit cards at a Manhattan strip club.  One man’s card was hit with over $135,303 in charges.  That must have been one crazy night.  The problem is that the man, a cardiologist, doesn’t remember a thing about it.  Apparently, the strippers in question were picking out targets, which included wealthy men, doping their drinks and then emptying out their credit cards.

Initially when the victim first informed the credit card company and the police that it wasn’t him and he didn’t remember, they laughed at him. Now, it appears that he wasn’t just trying to pull a fast one and had actually been robbed.  The five woman involved were arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit grand larceny.  All of them, according to reports pleaded not guilty and were released on a bail bond.  So the next time that you are enjoying an evening out with the fellas, think twice about dancers buying drinks, because you just might wake up with a hangover and a big hole in your credit.  Something you wife might not appreciate too much.  Read the original story below.

Original article: Stripper crime ring allegedly roofied rich guys and racked up six-figure tabs

Written by: Eric Granof

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