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Lawyer Needs Attorney After Being Arrested for Egging Cars

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

lawyer arrestedIt’s never a good idea to get arrested…. especially when you’re an attorney; it tends to be bad for business. But when you get arrested for vandalizing cars by EGGING them in front of your parent’s million dollar home? That is really not a good look.

Eyewitnesses called 911 after they saw a woman throwing raw eggs at parked cars. A neighbor also caught the whole thing on video. Busted!

Kelly Hensley, 37, was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor, after egging five cars that were legally parked in front of her parent’s house. 

Turns out, the family has been having a little battle with city hall over cars that regularly park along the street in front of the home, even though it’s perfectly legal. 

Ms. Hensley thought she’d take matters into her own hands and deter people from parking there by egging their cars! One would think a lawyer would know better!

“I couldn’t even imagine why somebody would be so upset that cars were parked on the street legally,” the police chief said.

Hensley has been charged with a misdemeanor for “molesting a standing vehicle.” That’s unique wording! Will she opt to represent herself in this case?

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Original article: Attorney Charged After Allegedly Egging Cars in Nicholas Hills

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