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Kickboxing Instructor Continues Classes While on Worker’s Comp

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

kickboxer arrestedThis guy wasn’t going to let a little thing like collecting $37,000 in workers’ compensation benefits sideline his gig of working as a kickboxing instructor!

Eugene Reems, 49, claimed to have been injured while working as a lineman for Verizon and began receiving benefits back in 2007 based on those injuries. The problem was, it suddenly got discovered that his wife and cousin opened up a Kickboxing Studio and Reems began working there. Behind the desk, though, right?

Wrong. Surveillance video showed him doing kicking and punching moves. He continued to work as a kickboxing instructor through May 2014 and falsely told doctors he was still incapable of working! 

Reems pleaded guilty to misdemeanor petit larceny, agreed to pay $37,500 in restitution and forfeited any future workers’ compensation benefits. Nice try, buddy!

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Original article: Kickboxing Instructor Admits Teaching Classes While Getting Worker’s Comp

image credit: istock