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Judge Gives ‘Nasty’ Texter Writing Assignment

Monday, November 20, 2017

text messageThere is nothing more satisfying then when judges hand down morally just sentences in court. Which is what just happened to this guy, who continuously wrote his ex-girlfriend nasty text messages!

For violating a court order, Darn Young, 30, now has to write 144 compliments about her to make up for the 144 times he sent her extremely rude text messages (further fines and penalties, as well). Bravo!

“For every nasty thing you said about her, you’re going to say a nice thing. No repeating words,” the judge handed down.

About 9 months ago, Young had been ordered to not contact his ex, who had sought the protection order. But he clearly had no intention of following through on this...  Instead, he called, texted and attempted to contact her 144 times.  IN ONE DAY!

Police arrested him, where he spent 157 days in jail.

Young apologized in court and swore he wasn’t going to ever do that again. “I’m ready to move forward with my life, help my mom, who had a stroke,” he said.

The judge was appalled that this all happened in one afternoon. “I don’t know whether I should cut off your fingers or take away your phone to get you to stop texting. You probably shouldn’t get a phone, period. I hope she changed her number.”

Young pleaded no contest to 16 counts of violating an order of protection and had been given credit for about five months he had already spent in jail. He was also placed on probation for 2 years, ordered to pay $2,400 in fines and perform 200 hours of community service. 

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Original article: Man Sentenced to Counter Nasty Texts With 144 Compliments

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