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Driver Has Cussing Fit Outside McDonald’s, Has a Major ‘McFail’

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

arrestedIt seems a lot of people get into trouble when they decide to stop and grab some fast food before heading home after a night of partying. This guy found out the hard way that it was definitely a big McFail. 

A man, 57, stopped at a McDonald’s on his way home from getting incredibly intoxicated at a bar close by.

The problem? The McDonald’s was closed and the cops saw the entire thing as the man had a profanity-laced rant, then sped away. 

The police were parked just a few feet away watching the whole debacle as the man sat there for about 15 minutes before laying on the horn and cursing at the window because nobody was taking his order. He must have not noticed that no one was inside and all of the lights were off. Squealing his tires as he took off certainly didn’t help his case, along with the fact that he ran over a curb before pulling out onto the main street.

The cops immediately pulled over the man, who failed several sobriety tests and in turn was arrested. Now he’s behind bars… still without any McDonalds. 

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Original article: Michigan Police Say Drunken Driver ‘McFailed’ With Cussing Fit Outside McDonald’s

Image Copyright: axelbueckert / 123RF Stock Photo