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Ice Cold Killers: Mr. Yummy vs. Mr. Whippy

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ice creamAs the world economy continues to teeter on the edge of disaster, global competition has never been fiercer amongst companies.  This is definitely the case in the world of international ice cream sales.  To say that the competition is cold and calculating is an understatement.  Just check out this video from the UK taken by an innocent bystander.  The video shows a pretty upset Mr. Yummy approach the ice cream truck of his fierce rival Mr. Whippy with a tire iron.  As he approaches, he is pretty much yelling every cold hearted insult and icy bit of profanity he knows (BTW, let us know when we have gone too far with the ‘ice cream’ humor).  He then does his best Jack Frost impression and proceeds to smash in the passenger window of the rival ice cream truck.  Mr. Whippy tries to speed away from his rival ice cream crazy but smashes into the truck of Mr. Yummy before heading off.   Mr. Yummy, still not very happy, gets in his now damaged truck and follows Mr. Whippy down the street.  Both men were last seen heading towards the North Pole...just kidding.   Mr. Yummy, was finally released on bail after admitting to possessing an offensive weapon.  Only in the UK.  Watch the video and read the original story below.


Original article: Cold war: Watch Mr. Yummy's iron bar attack on ice cream rival Mr. Whippy